September 2, 2010

SOTD and Ban

It's going to be a double post day today! So in my earlier post, I've purchase 10 bottles of Barielle Shades because of their buy 2 get 1 free deal. With that being said, I just blew $60. I was hoping to buy more but thinking about spending that much already has me skeptical and thinking about my budget. I do need clothes since the new school year has started and I've been neglecting clothing and focusing on nail polish. So I've decided to put myself on a nail polish ban for 23 days (just until my birthday because I might want to splurge as a birthday present). I was successful the first time I went on my one month nail polish ban and I'm sure I can do it again! But not to worry, I will be posting frequently, because I still have nail polish that aren't up yet and some nail ideas :)

Today's swatch is Love & Beauty Teal Blue. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. I absolutely adore this color! I love the lighter teal shimmer. Although it says Teal Blue, it just reminds me of a blue-green.

But this looks familiar - OPI Cuckoo For This Color perhaps? I'm definitely going to post up a comparison when I get a chance!

hope you enjoyed,


  1. seriously, i love F21 polishes!!! and Barielle Shades, i wanna see swatches when they come in! :)

    oh, and good luck on your ban! i need to go on another one too!! >__<

  2. Katrina: I will most definitely have swatches for you! :) I've seen swatches and I really wanted June Bug but they didn't have that on the site, TOTAL BUMMER. Thank you! and I'm sure you can do it too =)