September 17, 2010

Featured Nails

Today I will post about nails, obviously, but not mine! :P My cousin Pauline came in last week for a few days to celebrate with the rest of my family for my grandmother's birthday. And of course, knowing I love nail polish and seeing my personal Facebook nail album, she wanted me to do them. So today's nails and toes will be called "featured nails" where sometimes/rarely I will post nails not of my own nails but what I did for my family. I've only done nails for my family; my two cousins and my mom (but I only do her toes).

Pauline wanted rainbow toes ;P However, this process took very long to decide which colors! And luckily my mom helped her out. I added glitter stars on her big toes but some of them came off during the night. Can you guess which colors they are? (answers are at the bottom of this post if you give up!)

For Pauline's nails, she picked out Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink (2 coats) and then I used some nail stickers on her ring and thumb nails which has a bow, one rhinestone and one pearl. I also lined the ends of her nails with silver glitter for the other nails.

- Essie Dramatic Drachmas (2 coats)
- Wet N Wild Dream Poppy (2 coats)
- Wet N Wild Blazed (2 coats)
- Wet N Wild Sunny Side (2 coats)
- OPI Banana Bandanna (3 coats)
- Essie Pretty Edgy (2 coats)
- Brucci Gianna's Rockin Blue (2 coats)
- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Calypso Blue (2 coats)
- China Glaze Flying Dragon (2 coats)
- Confetti Belle of the Ball (2 coats)

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  1. Jackie S: Thanks! :) She really wanted that and she knew she would be able to do it when she came over haha!

  2. So COOOOOOL, gosh I love rainbow colours, I must be obsessed :)