December 2, 2010

Catrice Week [Day 5]

Yesterday's hurricane weather let me stay home yesterday and I had so much sleep that my back was aching! :( I didn't know that sleeping too much could cause back pain! I was so in pain that I laid on my bed with more pillows behind me for the incline & laid my laptop on top of a styrofoam bottom that came with the laptop on top of my tummy to watch my dramas! (LOL). I knew that sleeping too much could cause headaches but back pain?! Anyways, my back is feeling much better now, although I woke up late for my class ^____^; and I was late for my second one but I still made it to that one since it's a review class!

Enough blabbering and here's Catrice Week Day 5.

Catrice I Sea You!
dusty turquoise-aqua creme. 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat.

hope you enjoyed,


  1. pretty color.. it looks pretty unique too.

  2. Oh no, feel better! I love this color and I love Catrice, such a great brand!!!

  3. Amanda: Thanks! :D

    Jackie S.: Thank you!♥ I'm feeling a lot better. & I totally agree with you. I think that because it's not available in the US, I treasure it a lot more than my other polishes, LOL I'm so biased. :(

  4. wow! lovely colour :) i think i will buy it :)