December 10, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated as much as I'd like to :( Sadly, finals are coming up within this week & next week, so I'll only be able to schedule some posts throughout this time. Hope you all understand! 

Here's some nail mail that I recently received,

Deniz from Emerald Sparkled sent me TWELVE China Glazes from their Tis The Season Collection! Can you believe it?! I couldn't believe my eyes. Thank you so much for such a great opportunity and I'm definitely going to use them well this season! =) 

(L-R) Cheers to You, Jolly Holly, Little Drummer Boy, Midnight Kisses, Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs. Claus

 (L-R) Naughty and Nice, Party Hearty, Peace on Earth, Phat Santa, Ruby Deer, Sugarplums

The next nail mail I got is from a MUA swap with Alexis! China Glaze Rapture and Crystal Ball and she even threw in an extra, Joe Fresh Jade! I was so surprised and super excited because Jade is now my first Joe Fresh polish and I can't wait to try it out! <3 Thanks so much Alexis!

So first on the China Glaze Tis the Season is Cheers to You. Cheers to You is a silver foil. It's super bright and shimmery XD! The picture shows 2 coats of CTY and 1 coat of top coat. The application was soo smooth and easy! I could've gotten away with 1 coat of CTY but I decided to swatch with 2.

hope you enjoyed & happy polishing! :)


  1. 12 of them?! Wow!
    The glittery ones look really nice.
    Can't wait to see swatches ^__^

    Good luck on your finals!

  2. Mandy: Yeah! I'm really surprised. That's a lot already considering their collection this year is humongous (16 polishes)! I have a few more that are scheduled to post just in case I don't have time since I'll be studying. Thanks! :)

  3. glad you enjoyed the prize so much! ^-^ So far I only have Mrs. Claus and I love it! =)

  4. Deniz: I do!!!!♥♥ The formula was excellent and it was soooo easy to apply. I actually have Mrs. Claus layered over Ruby Deers on my toes right now! I don't have a picture yet but I might take one.. LOL I'm self conscious about my (ugly) toes :3

  5. wahh, nice!! :) Rapture and Crystal Ball look awesome!~

  6. aaaah deniz is really nice for sending those :) they're awesome, I'm jealous!

  7. I've never seen a metallic colour so shiny as Cheers to You! Silvers and golds I've tried always apply shiny but then dry to just a dull shimmer. Looking forward to seeing more swatches but I know you'll be busy studying so good luck for your finals!! x

  8. wow...i'm so jeaulous now :-(
    but lovely collection :-)

  9. Katrina: Thank you! :)

    Lois: She is really awesome! I didn't expect that many, honestly! She's soo great =)

    Jade: I don't think I've ever tried something that shiny, the only ones I can recall that are close is OPI Glitzerland and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. :P Don't worry! I got the rest of the swatches scheduled to be posted and I'm mixing them up a bit to show how you can wear them differently rather than a single mani because I've been doing that a lot lately. :3 And thank you! (:

    nail crazy: Hehe thank you! (=