December 1, 2010

My 'Black Sunday' Finds

I didn't get to post up my Black Friday finds but I didn't buy anything (except leggings) since I was working. However, on Sunday I went shopping and picked up a few things. :D Hope you'll like them!

I'm in the process of 'transforming' my blog so it's not only a nail blog but also some 'fashion' here and there. :x I hope that it works out!

I got these black patent heels from Aldo because I'm planning to enter into the business major and I know these will come in handy then. They also looked nice when I tried them on with jeans; it made my legs look even longer! ;) Good for business AND party haha! :3 The heels were regularly $60 but I got them for $20!! AMAZING & the best deal I got the whole day!!♥

I love fuzzy socks! They're so comfortable hehe. :P I got these at Old Navy on sale. They are normally $5 per pair but they were on sale for $2.50 each! 2 for the price of one, awesome! :D

I don't have that many cardigans and sometimes they're hard for me to find because I don't like the fitting of the cut (round neck or vneck). I'm really picky. But I got this at Papaya for regular price ($21.99) with my cousin because I loved how it looked on me unbuttoned & not so much buttoned, but I will make it work! :P

hope you enjoyed,


  1. Nice heels :]
    Lol I find that a lot of cardigans look way better unbuttoned

  2. cute cardi!!! i always wear my cardigans unbottoned. every time i try buttoning them i feel like Mr. Rogers or something. ahaha. check out walgreens for those fuzzy socks too! they have the SUPER soft ones with Aloe infused and they are on sale 2/$5.00 (originally $4.49 each) this week! =) i love them, i think im going to buy more for me and my mom for x-mas. soo comfy with boots.

  3. Mandy: Thank you! A lot of my family members were like, whoa that's high but most heels are around that heel size. And I don't see any nice ones with short heels. :P

    Kalee: Thank you! And I totally agree with you haha! I love wearing the socks with my Uggs; it keeps me extra warm<3

  4. *edit: the socks at walgreens i mentioned are on sale until the 1st of Jan, not til the end of the week! i thought it was their weekly sale but it was one of those "megasavers" deals. and they are in the footcare section, not the regular socks section. lol. anyways, just in case anyone wanted to know. =)

  5. those heels are gorgeousss ! i wish i fit into heels :[.
    i love fuzzy socks too lmao & i like that cardigan (:

    - kathy ♥

  6. Kalee: Awesome! I'm gonna try to find them when I have money haha :D

    Kathy: Spaaaanksss♥ (: Why can't you fit into heels?

  7. oohh.. I love those sexy heals! :) cool