December 11, 2010

Jolly Holly

Today is a swatch of China Glaze Jolly Holly from their recent Tis The Season Collection. Jolly Holly is a dark forest green with an awesome(!) green shimmer. I loveeeee the shimmer so much (check out the flash picture)! The picture shows 2 coats of Jolly Holly and 1 coat of top coat. 

hope you enjoyed & happy polishing!


  1. Amazing, that shimmer = LOVE. Must have it. Now. :o)

  2. i recently got this color but haven't tried it yet. it's very pretty though!

  3. Jolly Holly is my current fave green! Its TOO pretty!

  4. this is so pretty! it looks spectacular on you.

  5. this is so really pretty haha.
    but i think it's kind of similar to sally hansen emerald city & sinful's san franciso so i'm giving this one to my friend :P

    i really want midnight kiss from this collection though but my sally's didn't have it D;
    but i have party hearty so i'm a happy camper :D

    - kathy ♥

  6. This was my NOTD not too long ago and I liked it a lot.

  7. AmyGrace: It is! :) Thank you!

    Amanda: Soo pretty O__O I couldn't believe my eyes when I tried it on. I thought it was the typical dark green shimmer when I look at it from the bottle. So amazinggg~

    Sara Jean: Jolly Holly definitely made the list of my favorites in this collection so far! (:

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thank you!! =)♥ I wish the shimmer would appear like that IRL rather than flash :P

    Kathy: I does look similar but maybe the shimmer is different? I don't know because I don't have either of those 2 lol. That's good! I'm glad I got both of those from Deniz so I'm really excited to try all of the ones I got<3

    KarenD: Yeah, it really surprised me on the shimmer. I didn't think much of it until after I put it on and took the pictures!

    Une Ruxi à Paris: Thank you!! :]