December 27, 2010

Sparkling Coconut Kiss

My last post for today will be a layer post of 2 new polishes that I haven't shown in my blog. First is, China Glaze Coconut Kiss. It's a shimmery frosty purple that's sooo beautiful! It's my favorite purple now :) To reach bottle opacity, it took 2 coats of Coconut Kiss. I used top coat on my pinky and index finger and it seems that top coat makes it less shiny and frosty! :(

And for the layering, I layered 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over Coconut Kiss. Totally beautiful and so sparkly that my camera can't capture it and it looks blurry haha.

hope you enjoyed,
happy polishing
& happy early new year! :)


  1. purple is my favorite color! I have about 10 purple nail polishes, this one looks so pretty especially with that glitter on top!

  2. This is so pretty and fairy dust makes it extra special!

  3. this color is so pretty! and love fairy dust over it! :)

  4. Coconut Kiss is so pretty. And the combination with Fairy Dust makes it amazing. Love it!

  5. Ivonne: I like dark purples but I tend to sometimes get the same one, but just a different brand. But Coconut Kiss is definitely by far different from my dark purples. & thank you :)

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thank you! I saw a blogger use Coconut Kiss and I really wanted it! I added Fairy Dust for the heck of it because I didn't know what nail art to do, so when all fails, use Fairy Dust :3

    KarenD: Thank you! (:

    CarissaKuo: Thank you! :) I really like the finish of Coconut Kiss and the sparkly-ness of Fairy Dust over it.

    Annie: Thank you! =)

  6. ooh, Fairy Dust looks AWESOME over Coconut Kiss!~