December 27, 2010

Classic Leopard

The picture shows the snow from LAST NIGHT which was already around the middle of my shins (around 10pm) because I really had to use the bathroom and we were 2 blocks from home so they told me to go home first. And when my parents got home (from the car) around 12-1am-ish, they said the snow was at their knees. It's even higher now & it's approx. 20 inches here in Brooklyn, which is a little bit outside of Manhattan. Luckily, some teenagers offered to shovel the front of our house. So my dad doesn't have to work so hard at it because it's been a tiring night and day since the car kept sliding yesterday on the way home, which made me realize that I will buy a 4 wheel drive car in the future.

So here's my first swatch + nail art (repeat) for China Glaze Classic Camel. Classic Camel is a beige-cashmere-kinda creme with gold glitter. It took 2 coats to reach the bottle color. The formula was a little thick and wonky, maybe because of the glitter not mixing very well with the creme? But top coat smoothed it over and made it look beautiful. Maybe for me, it feels odd for me to have it on my nails, not maching? IDK! Lol, but I like it. :)

* There's no regular picture only flash picture of the swatch because the regular no flash picture doesn't show the true color of Classic Camel.

* I don't know why my camera doesn't focus on the whole picture and it usually blurs out one nail at least :( I used zoom a little bit to 1.3 because flash close up sometimes ruins the outcome of the nail picture.

anyways, here's one of a few posts today! hope you enjoyed, hope you enjoy the snow (if you got any) and happy polishing! :)


  1. It was 20 inches total? I didn't even bother to measure or listen for how much it was lol A lot of people were trying to move their cars this morning and just left them there in the street!

    Classic caramel looks pretty! And I love how this design doesn't require anything to be perfect :D

  2. wow look at all that snowww... and i was complaining because it's "kind of cold" here where i live lol

  3. This came out awesome! I love how elegant you made leopard look!

  4. Mandy: Something like that lol, I don't know the exact number but I know Central Park had about 20 inches. & Thank you! I kind of rushed it though but it looks pretty good :P

    Amanda: LOL it's around 30s there :( Soooo cold!!

    Toesthattwinkle!: Thank you! :) Haha I tried =) I didn't spend a lot of time on it though so it is pretty good for how much time I spent on it!