June 14, 2011

Awesome Day!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post but I couldn't resist to share awesome news! :) First here's my nail post and then my awesome happy news! :P

Today's nail post will consist of a new brand that I haven't talked about here and it's all about trying new things and expanding horizons :3 First up is Nubar Mellow Yellow which is a lemon yellow frost shown in 3 coats. The formula is good and it dries quick but the only problem was streaky application but nonetheless I like Mellow  Yellow. :D

Next up is Nubar Pink Dot, which has a lighter pink base than BYS Pink On The Brink which I've previously posted. Pink Dot contains round silver glitters and smaller multicolored glitters. This is shown in 3 coats as well and I layered 2 coats of Pink Dot over Sinful Colors Black on Black for the accent nail. The formula and application was good, and so was the drying time.

For my first time trying Nubar, I'm pretty satisfied and I'm definitely considering a Nubar purchase when I can :P

Now, for the awesome news! Wedges are currently "in" and I've been dying to get a pair. I haven't been able to find the right pair that has made me go bananas (lol) but today is the day! My coworker/friend brought me to a Tory Burch sample sale, nothing there :B but then just before we were going to leave - we stopped by Journey's and we both lost our breath when we saw these BEAUTIFUL STEVE MADDEN WEDGES!
I chose the Light Pink over the Ivory and Taupe - but the real dilemma was Light Pink or Ivory. I would've gone with the Ivory because it'd be easier to wear with almost anything but it didn't captivate me as much as the Light Pink. I'm so happy I found these awesome wedges and they were at a pretty good price considering that they're Steve Madden - for $49.99 at Journeys. The sales associate told me they were selling quick and that they even had to get another shipment for them! So that made me want to get them even more because I was considering on coming back after Father's Day, but I bought them! I feel that it was a good purchase because I don't have any wedges and I can wear it casually :) 

I've looked online at Steve Madden's website and they don't have it listed there however I do see it on the Journey's Website except that there is no Light Pink available online - now I'm really happy I got them hehehehehe♥ So for this, I'm labeling this as a Fantastic Find! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed & happy polishing! :)


  1. Great find! :) Also, Pink Dot is such a lovely color!

  2. Pauline - omgnoodles: Totally agree with you on both :P♥

  3. Love the yellow color! Pretty. =)

  4. i'm loving pink dot! it's very pretty.
    and the wedges are very cute and summery

  5. Chrissy: Thanks! :D

    yujinyun: I like Pink Dot too :P and definitely! I wore them out for the first time yesterday and I couldn't stop admiring them!!♥