June 28, 2011

Just Some Holo Lovin'

Hello everyone, second post of the day. The first post was the tag/blog award I received & this post is a nail post :) Now before I get to the nails part, I'd like to ask you what would you like to see in my upcoming giveaway. This giveaway will be a belated giveaway in honor of my 2nd year blogging about nails so I'd like to see what your opinions are & please consider that I am located in the US so there isn't a wide variety of polishes that you can suggest, but I will be ordering polishes as well. I will take suggestions in the comment section and consider them when I am gathering the prize. I hope that many of you will comment and help me decide what to put in my prize :D

And now for the nails portion, FabulouStreet recently restocked on their holo line and they limited them. Unfortunately #61 was sold out by the time I saw it so I only picked up 2 that I really wanted to try - I'll probably order more though just for the collection. & I ♥ NFU OH BOTTLES!

So here's Nfu Oh #65 which is a light blue holographic. The thing I like about Nfu Oh's Holo line is that it's VERY holo compared to China Glaze's Tronica. And you'll see some pictures in different settings (some where taken on a rainy day and some in the sun to show difference). I love the formula and it applied smoothly as well as a good, quick drying time. This is in 2 coats and no top coat because I didn't want to disrupt the holo.

Hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing :)


  1. So gorgeous! Looks lovely on you. :)

  2. Liz: Thank you! :) It is definitely a beauty♥

  3. Oh, it's awesome! I need some of Nfu Oh holos in my life *lol*

  4. Oh my goodness....HOLOGRAPHIC! AHHH! I need these types of polishes in my collection. Super pretty! *_* Love the effect.

    YAY FOR YOUR GIVEAWAY! As for suggestions...you should add these type of holo..polishes. heh heh *nudge nudge* :D

  5. Lovely holo effect on the last pic. You have awards on my blog, check it out! http://nailswanted.blogspot.com/

  6. Nfu oh have the most holo effect with gosh holo!!
    I love them!!

  7. Ahhh *drools* holos always mezmerize me!
    That one just looks divine on you <3

  8. Biba: Thanks! :) And I'm highly considering Nfu Oh holo polishes in my giveaway *winkwink*

    tiffyama: I know! I jumped at the chance when they became available again. And I'm MOST LIKELY going to add a few in ;)

    Stickers: Thanks! I had to OD on pictures because it was too nice haha. And thank you for the awards!

    rock-or-not: Nfu Oh and GOSH Holographic definitely have the best holo out there :P

    Olivia: Thank you! I have the same feeling when I wear them haha. Trying to conserve and use the bottle wisely haha!