June 20, 2011


Why hello there! =P Hope you've all had a good day. Today I will be showing you a cool layering taken in awesome indirect sunlight in my backyard. Lately the sun has been out and shining even past 6 so I'm happy I can squeeze in some nail polish almost each day that I attempt :).

I think I've made better progress in terms of making my nails look nice for pictures because of the brush & acetone trick that bloggers have been using. I knew about it but I wasn't exactly sure which brush to use, especially since I don't really use make up at all so I was pretty clueless until someone {sorry I forgot who!} suggested a concealer brush - so I got mine at ELF for $1 - an awesome steal♥! After I got it in the mail, I've been practicing and I'm definitely improving on that aspect; if only I had a better camera to capture the beautiful nails ;)

Anyways, onto my nails :P

I started off with Nox Twilight Talon which is a dark navy blue with blue shimmer - and it is shown in 2 coats. 

Then I layered it with GOSH Rainbow in 1 coat on top - and voila! Beautiful! :P

And here's a future sneak peak - hopefully coming soon. Do you recognize it? ;) If you have a guess, drop a comment! :P {it makes me happy when I get a lot of comments haha!♥}

Hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing! :)


  1. What a gorgeous color!! Isn't it amazing how the right tools can make all the difference? I use a round Filbert brush from Michael's that I picked up for less than $3. I have no idea what the nail wheel swatches are. They're pretty, though.

  2. love the layering :D

    Nail swatches look like...hmm...i can't put my finger on it.

  3. Megan: Thanks! I've had it for a while and at first I debated on whether to get the Nox Twilight because I didn't want to get it for the "Twilight" branding but it's actually really nice & by the time I decided I wanted them, there was barely any left! :( & it totally makes a difference - a much cleaner look. Hehe, hopefully I'll be able to swatch those on my nails soon and then you'll see hehe~

    theartofnails: Thank you! :) Yeah it is a bit hard but it's close to something that is current *hint*

  4. yum i love the layering. and those swatches look nice!

  5. Pretty: Thanks! (: I can't wait to try those on my nails though haha! =P

  6. Very pretty mani. I like the dark blue and flakies.

    Isn't cleanup marvelous? My manicures were transformed when I learned it. :) I have started doing cleanup on eash coat on each nail as I paint them. (If needed.) It sounds as if it would take a long time to finish my manicure but it is actually faster, since cleaning one coat of wet polish, where needed is easier than drilling down dried polish, base and top coat.

  7. Ah those flakies look delish! And the nail wheel...I'm going to guess Sinful Colors Adventure Island? :P

  8. Ahhh I always drool over flakies!! :D

    I gave you an award on my blog: http://varnishme.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  9. great color... but flakies makes me drool ;-D

  10. I *think* those are the new Sinful polishes! They're pretty but I already have the OPI PotC collection so I passed on those. I wish I had seen those first because I could've bought them instead and saved a lot of money!

    I love your mani. You've inspired me to do a flakey look tonight!

  11. i love flakies!! This looks beautiful!

  12. Ice Queen: I totally love doing the clean up! I do it after I reach full opacity and before I put on top coat. I think I would be too impatient to do it after each coat haha. :P

    Liz: Nice guess, we'll see soon :P & thanks!

    Biba: Thank you! :D Flakies and glitters ftw♥

    Olivia: I know, me too hehe. Especially Nfu Oh's ♥ & thank you for the award!

    nail crazy: Thanks and LOL! I know what you mean ;)

    tahillia: Nice guess and I should have the reveal soon... as soon as I swatch them hehe! I'm glad I inspired you to do a flakey mani. tonight :)

    Shadow: Flakies are totally awesome period haha! I don't think I'd ever get tired of using them :P

  13. ohhh!!! your nails are SOOOOOOO cute!! they remind me of the blue YSL arty ring with the flecks of orange gold in it!! so pretty! i totally have to try this it's amazing!

  14. ELF does have some great products for really decent price! I like the navy nails you did :D

  15. Lisa: Thank you :D You should definitely try it. There's a lot of similar products to GOSH Holographic, such as Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010. Nfu Oh also came out with a flakies collections of different colors.

    Pop Champagne: Yes they do and that's what they go for, awesome products at low prices ~ that's what I love about ELF haha. And thank you! :)