June 9, 2011

Mom's Pick

Hey everyone :) BOY today was blazing hot! :( I walked outside of my workplace and the streets felt like a SAUNA. -_- Thankfully now I am in my air conditioned room at home! :) Today's post is a mani. that is picked out by my mom, which I did for her toes. She's camera shy and conscious about her feet so I decided to show you with my nails instead. 

She chose as her base, Chanel Riva which is a light blue with hidden blue shimmer. It took 3 coats because it applies kind of unevenly due to the formula, which could be better. Then she chose to have OPI Silver Shatter layered on top of Riva - I'd say awesome combination picked out by my mom :) And she doesn't even read nail blogs!


Hope you all enjoyed & happy polishing! :)


  1. Your mom has great taste!! This looks so good together. It's not too hot here in Albuquerque, yet, though I'm sure it will be soon enough. Stay cool.

  2. Megan: I know right? She has been picking out what she wants for her toes and mainly they're just plain pinks but now she's changed directions with colors! Blues? She would NEVER do that lol! And yeah it hit about 100 today :( I'm definitely trying to stay cool, staying home with my air conditioner lol♥

  3. great taste!! love the combo, i even got my bf's mum and aunt into silver shatter. =D

  4. Silence is Loud: Thanks! :) Really? My family isn't a huge nail polish lover but my mom is slowly turning into one because of my collection haha ;]

    rock-or-not: Thanks! :)