June 5, 2011

French Twist

Hello :) Hope everyone's weekend is going well! My nails art short again - close to nubbins because my ring finger nail broke (after I saved it from nearly being torn when trying to move a sofa with crazy glue and a tea bag) so I filed the rest of my nails down to have it even. I wish they would grow asap! Anyways, onto today's post I'll be showing is Zoya Caitlin and Dove from their French Twist promotion that they had. It took almost 2 weeks since I ordered for it to get to me but I can understand since they probably had thousands of orders just for two free polishes. 

Here's Zoya Caitlin - Zoya describes Caitlin as a smoky purple-tinged medium gray with a creme finish. The picture shows Caitlin with 2 coats and 1 layer of top coat.

Here's Zoya Dove - Zoya describes Dove as a light neutral gray with a glossy creme finish. The picture shows Dove in 2 coats and 1 layer of top coat.

Here's where the nail art comes to play with the promotion of French Twist I decided to try that out and  here's the finished look! There's Dove on my middle and pinkie finger and it's lined with Caitlin at the tips. Caitlin is the base color for my index and ring fingers and it's lined with Dove at the tips. I love the twist of the typical French manicure! :) I'd definitely like to try out other colors as well~

Hope you all enjoyed and happy polishing! :)


  1. this looks so cute! I wish Zoya shipped to Canada!

  2. Smita: Thanks and yeah that sucks :( Wish they could change their shipping policies :\

  3. it looks pretty! :)

  4. Love them! Too bad they don't ship to Canada. :( Follower #458 now! :)

  5. Biba: Thanks! :)

    Madeline: Thanks & I totally agree - it's purple but on the dusty gray side but it still doesn't lose the purple ;)

    mummy-daydream: Thank you! (:

    A Polished Touch: Thanks! & perhaps we can set up a swap so I can order some for you! :) You could always write me an email if you're interested in anything from the US that I can get my hands on!

  6. Lovely colours that look great together...

  7. great combo, i love this type of mani :-D

  8. miemiemie: Thanks & I totally agree - the color is a different from all the other grays I have. :)

    Cali369: Thanks =) I was just re-creating Zoya's promo of the French Twist

    parenting articles: Thank you! (:

    nail crazy: I def. agree with you & perhaps I'll try other combinations as well ;)