July 29, 2010


On Tuesday (27th), my bf and I decided to stay in my area instead of going to the city for the day. We ended up going to eat sushi and I really wanted to go to Rite Aid or Walgreens in my neighborhood to pick up some polishes. But we waited until after we've had lunch. The only 2 places there was CVS and Rite Aid. We both agreed to go to CVS since there's a Rite Aid at my house and I could find different polishes at CVS.

At CVS, I didn't see much that was different, except there were more Milani polishes there! But I found Confetti and reading from other nail blogs, they compared it similar to Sinful Colors except their color range isn't as wide. I believe that but the few bottles I picked up weren't bad at all and is basically at the same level as Sinful Colors ~ just less colors but some of them were different compared to Sinful Colors.

Here are the swatches of the Confetti polishes I got at CVS:

Confetti Belle of the Ball
dusty grayed out lilac purple. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. I love this color, its so cute and chic. :) This was the first one I swatched from this brand and I loved it. It was easy to apply and the drying time wasn't that bad either! This was the start of a good feeling and a new beginning with Confetti, hehe.

Confetti Centerstage
dark purple based creme with purple shimmer. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. I really was surprised at the look after I finished swatching. This was amazing! It was so different and really smooth. It gave me no trouble at all and it was so pretty.

Confetti Happy Birthday!
dark purple based jelly with purple shimmer. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. Amazing! I'm happy I picked this bottle up along with the other 2 bottles of purples. I guess I was attracted to these the most because it was purple, something that is so few in my collection. Application and formula was amazing for Confetti and drug store quality. :)

Confetti Party Palace Blue
blue opaque clear base jelly with shimmer and glitter. The swatch is 2 coats of Party Palace Blue over 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow without top coat for my index and middle finger. 3 coats of PPB on my ring and pinky finger without top coat. Honestly, this looked better in the bottle. I guess you could say that I'm disappointed in this one, but maybe if I tried it with a black base instead. I do wish that there was a solid blue base or that the blue would be thicker rather than a clear and opaque kind of base. But nonetheless, good for layering!

I hope you enjoyed,


  1. Lovely colors, I can’t tell you how much my bf hates my nail polish addiction, LOL, sweet of him to go along with you.

  2. Tara: Thanks Tara! :) Yeah my boyfriend supports me and my addiction to nail polish. He even buys me nail polishes. And he's heard me talk about wanting to go buy nail polishes so he was like I'll go with you & he helps me decide which ones to get too haha.

  3. omg, he's a keeper, LOL. I went to Dinner last night with the BF, I was like 'do you like my nail design' he replies ' its just nail polish' my heart just drops.....

  4. Tara: He is definitely a keeper! :P Awww it's okay one day when you don't do your nails, he might notice!<3