July 16, 2010

Neon Horror → Beauty!

If you've read my horror with neon in the post the day before yesterday, well here's another shot at neons! :P After reading the comments on that post, I put 2 coats of OPI's Alpine Snow and then a coat of Seche before applying China Glaze Celtic Sun (index and middle) and China Glaze Pink Voltage (ring and pinky) and now it's neon fabulous! :P A special thank you to: ABOP, Allison, Katrina and Laura for your help!

Warning: Celtic Sun is REALLY bright! it's almost blinding :p

More swatches for today:

Finger Paints Yellow Bikini
yellow with light shimmer. The swatch is 2 coats without top coat and taken in my room where the sun light shines. I actually LOVE this yellow. I don't know what makes it different from the other yellows that I've tried and I didn't like (except for China Glaze Lemon Fizz). I think I'm going to do a manicure and maybe some designs with this soon! :P

Essie It's Genius
red-purple with a shimmer. It's so beautiful! :) The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. Ahh it was hard to capture this in the sunlight but this was the closest I could get. It's actually a little darker than this in real life but still LOVE IT!

hope you enjoyed and happy friday!

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