July 2, 2010


So I got a few items at Forever21 today, yay! This is a yay moment for me because I like the stuff I see online for Forever21 but I never have the patience to shop there, especially in NYC, there's TONS of women shopping there, it's always piles of mess, the lines are always long for both the fitting room and the cash registers. It's hard to look around there because it's not really organized, probably only color but that's too complicated when they stack different tops with the same colors. I haven't gotten to buy clothes in a while :P Busy day today and didn't get a chance to come home and post until now. I took the permit test and I didn't pass :( I guess that's what I get for studying for 1-2 hours the night before! I think I was pretty close to passing too. Oh well, I'm just going to study a bit more and take it again next week.

I attempted to make a sunflower, which was an epic fail in my opinion lol.
OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Banana Bandanna,
OPI Espresso Your Style & CoverGirl Boundless Color Disco Dazzle

opinions? comments? :)
hope you enjoyed!


  1. cute mani! not a fail ! and my sister is about to go take her permit test too! good luck for next time ;)

  2. The petals were a fail :P but thank you♥

  3. Omigosh, I just took my permit test and barely passed. O-O!! They didn't give you your test back to study with, though? >n<~ Better luck next time, 2nd time will be easier. (:

    I have Banana Bandanna too. I love it but all the coats to get coverageee! :P

  4. No they didn't but I remember most of the questions. I didn't have like the manual so I was studying based off of the online dmv manual but that was after reading this other site. So I guess I skipped the Drugs&Alcohol reading chapter and yeah :x that was the biggest topic on my test. I know! I'm going to take it next week haha. I'm determined to get it the second time around.

    I know! It was sheer and it surprised me. I normally use 2 coats for OPI and it covers well. Even Maybelline's Banana Bamba, Zoya Pippa and CG's Lemon Fizz it only took 2 coats.