July 1, 2010

Happy July! :)

As promised, I would show some 'nail art'. When I had on HGIL, I was thinking about what I should do and out of the blue, gold stars came into my head and BAM - finished product. But I know I'm horrible at doing full stars so I did partial stars on each nail. :D

My nail art for Banana Badanna is coming soon :) hopefully tomorrow but if I can't hold it in, I might post today. No guarantees though!


  1. It's cute!! What did you use for the gold? I love how the ring and middle finger's sorta connects for form a bigger star.

  2. Thanks! :) I used LA Colors Nail Art Gold Glitter. I got it at a 99cents store for $1 and at Forever21 it's $1.80 so I guess I saved a little bit! :p Yeah I've always wanted to have a design that connects with my nails together.