July 14, 2010

Neon Horror

I received 2 bottles of China Glaze from their 2008 collection Ink from a swap and I was excited to swatch! :) And when I got home to swatch them........ THE HORROR!

Pink Voltage
highlighter neon pink. The swatch is 4 coats (index and middle) and 5 coats (ring and pinky) with no top coat and yet my nail line is still visible! :( I really like the color though! The swatch looks better with flash, but I wish that was how it looked in real life.

Celtic Sun
highlighter neon yellow. Swatching this on my 'not so' bare nails (I have base coat under) makes my nails look toxic and sickly =X. The white tips of my nails are clearly visible. I'm so surprised and 'UUUUUGGGHHH' at it.

Does this happen to anyone or is it just me? Are you supposed to put a nude base underneath so that it balances out my nail color? I love the colors but I don't think I'd use it unless this problem is solved! :'(



  1. From what I've heard on MakeupAlley and some nail blogs, neons look best when worn with a base coat of white or silver...

  2. agree with Abop. it happens to me too. i bought a bottle of shiney yellow from opi sephora and ddint turn out the way i wanted it to. =(
    i dont like to put a basecoat of white etc cause i feel like its a bit thick. maybe its me tho

  3. definitely put on a coat or two of white nail polish first!

  4. I always put 2 coats of white on beforehand. Sinful colors has a nice white, but I use a different brush because the one with mine was not a good quality. After a coat of Seche Vite to even those coats out, I put my 2 coats of neon polish on and then finish with another coat of Seche Vite.

  5. Thank you girls so much! I didn't know how to apply neons because the only one I had was from Sinful Colors the dark neon purple one and it was kind of thick already so I never really thought about the thinner neons. Thanks again & I'm going to give it another try today! :)