July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

Since everyone is doing July 4th nails, I decided to do it also to try out stripes & stars. Too bad I have to take them off for work tomorrow. It sucks that I won't be getting time & a half tomorrow (I heard that we weren't) because the store closed down for 2 days. :( I really want the money, rawwwwrrrrr!! >:O

I used China Glaze Frostbite and Essie Dramatic Drachmas (DD is literally my only red bottle I own, lol. I'm not a huge fan of bright reds) as base colors with 2 coats each. I used LA Colors White Nail Art for the stripes and the stars. Yes I know the stripes should be on red and the stars should be on blue but I accidently did the star on the red and noticed afterwards that I skipped my middle finger for the star. Oh well :P

hope you enjoyed & happy independence day! (:


  1. Love your nails! Very Festive. Hope you had a good 4th. :)

  2. Thanks Olivia! :) I had a good day, and how was yours?