July 29, 2010


GGG - Gold Glitter Gradient. I decided to do my nails & sadly, I took them off not too long after ~ not even a few days. :( But I wanted to because I got more nail polishes to swatch! :) My nails this week was to attempt to do a better gradient with regular nail polish brushes rather than nail art brushes like I've done before (Sally Hansen Gunmetal + silver gradient [it should be the first post I made on my blog])

OPI Hey! Get In Lime + China Glaze Cleopatra
3 coats of HGIL & 2 coats of Cleopatra & 1 coat of Seche. After I added the gold, brushing from bottom to top, I used a cotton pad and slightly dabbed the top area of the gold so that it would have a "fading" look to it.

I hope you enjoyed,