July 24, 2010

Marble Attempt

Water marbling has become very popular among nail polish lovers. I've been wanting to attempt marbling for a while now, but just hesitant. So I tried it out a few days ago and at first it took me about 10 tries until I got it right.. well kind of right. The next day I tried it again because of course like people say, practice makes perfect. I still haven't 'perfected' marbling to my liking yet, but I'm sure that I will continue trying and getting better at it. Here are 2 pictures of the attempts I've made during the 2 days that I've tried marbling. Any input would be great :)

left - Day 1 | right - Day 2
polishes used: Essie Pretty Edgy
Finger Paints Yellow Bikini
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Jade is the New Black
Sally Hansen Twisted Pink

hope you enjoyed,


  1. looks good, i need to try this too!


  2. this looks really pretty :D
    i don't have the patience for water marbling LOL

    -kathy ♥

  3. Tara: yeah you should! I've been telling myself to do it and those 2 days were the only 2 days that I tried to do it. It took a bit but I got there! I just need to practice more, hehe. Thanks! :)

    Kathy: I thought it would be time consuming, which it kind of is but I think that is mostly for the beginning when you're trying it out because it takes a bit to get used to. And sometimes you get frustrated because it doesn't come out the way you want it to. But thank you & I hope you change your mind about water marbling, you should definitely try it! It's a cool experience :)

  4. it looks so good!!! i love water marbling!