July 23, 2010

You're Cute as a Button

I've had this color since last summer but I haven't used it as much after getting tons of bottles of polishes after. But time to bring back corals with Essie Cute as a Button! Coral pink almost close to red color is great for the summer and it suits the 'tan' skin that most of us get during the summer. The swatch is 3 coats for full coverage and bottle color with one coat of top coat. Accompanying the swatch is my 'design' for it. I wouldn't take much credit for it since it does come from it's name :)

and then I looked at the button some more and was reminded about my high school days where I drew dinosaurs on my papers. The mouth of the dinosaur is a little funny though, darn my noob nail art abilities!

I was trying this polish on yesterday with my longer nails, but it made CAAB look slutty, so I took it off and trimmed my nails shorter. I think CAAB fits well with short nails rather than longer nails. Unless you add something to it so that it won't be just one solid manicure.

hope you enjoyed,

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