August 18, 2010

Caught in a Bad Romance~

So this will be the last time I'm going to blog until Monday. I'm going on a mini summer vacation to Virginia with my family :) I'm totally excited and I couldn't wait all week for this!

Anyways, so I did a manicure of Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance. And it honestly felt awkward because my index finger was so short. This is before I cut all my nails down. And to "relieve" some awkwardness with my fingers, I added a lightning bolt because Bad Romance + lightning bolt = Lady Gaga. :) Funny side note: My dad likes Lady Gaga and says her name when he recognizes her song come on the radio when we're in the car. =P

hope you enjoyed!


  1. LOVE IT! i really want this polish, seeing all the swatches makes me want it even more!
    that is so funny about your dad, i feel like that's something my dad would do as well!

    have a great trip! polish haul perhaps?

  2. awesome polish! i like the lightening bolt too! :)

    have a fun trip :)

  3. Smita: Yeah after seeing the swatches, I knew I wanted it! :) Thanks! and no I won't be getting a polish haul BUT I did get one here though since I found a new nail store :) but haven't swatched them since my nails are still short :\

    Katrina: Thanks! :) I used black nail art to make it nicer because my gold glitter nail art wasn't cooperating and making it nice. and thank you I definitely will! :)

  4. Have fun!

    Your dad cracks me up. I almost fell over when I learned that my dad loved and never missed The Young and the Restless. lol

  5. I hope you're having fun! Love the polish and lightning bolt :).

  6. Ice Queen: Thank you! I had a good time :) And I know, my mom cracks up when her songs come on!

    shazzii: Thank you & I definitely had an awesome time!