August 13, 2010

Swap & Mini Haul

A mini haul at the beauty supply store and one nail polish from a swatch. Sorry if I'm boring you with swatches you've probably already seen. I cut my nails yesterday because they were breaking a bit on the edges and hopefully they'll grow back soon. I still have some swatches that I took before I cut my nails so it won't be dead around here *hopefully*. Looking at the swatches makes me sad because I miss my nails! T_T

Essie Demure Vixen
dusty grayed out pink with a purple iridescent shimmer. 3 coats and no top coat. I've been lemming this a while and finally got my hands on it at a beauty store. The formula was a little thin but the third coat evened it out. It wasn't that bad applying it and it gave me no troubles. :)

OPI Cuckoo For This Color
medium jungle blue-green shimmer. 2 coats and no top coat. It's from OPI's Swiss Collection that I picked up in a beauty store by my boyfriend's pick♥ Application and formula was OPI great. :) One of my many favorites from their collection.

OPI I've Red The Script
first picture is one coat & no top coat and the second picture is two coats & no top coat. It's a one coater except that there's a small slight sign of VNL, but I'd still use it with one coat. Lovely color and I'm happy I swapped for this polish. :)

OPI Yodel On My Cell
medium blue with slight green shimmer. This is from their Swiss Collection also that I was able to pick up. My boyfriend picked this color out :)♥ The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. AMAZING. I took the swatch pictures in my bathroom because the lighting worked better than my room. But for the rest of the pictures, the lighting worked better in my room, LOL. Anyways Amazing application and formula by OPI.

hope you enjoyed,


  1. OPI Yodel On My Cell! lovely color :)

  2. I like seeing swatches of older (or slightly less new) stuff! Sometimes it reminds me to pull something out that I haven't worn in a while (or that's been stuck in my untrieds), and when I was getting back into polish after time away, swatches of older stuff helped me see what I'd missed and should go looking for.

  3. Tara: Thanks! I love it
    KarenD: Aw thanks Karen! :)

  4. Demure Vixen looks very pretty!
    Is it the one on 18th ave & 76th street? :O

  5. Mandy: There's one on 18th ave and 76st? I gotta go there! I actually got it in Soho (Eve Beauty Supply)

  6. Oo the one that is closer to the Canal Station right? The OPIs there are ~$8 but at 18th & 76th they're $6, at least that's how much I got my Shrek OPIs for. They open everyday except Saturday lol And they're more nail then beauty supply even though their name says both (I think..) ^__^

  7. Mandy: Yeah it's yellow on the outside and they sell more hair stuff than nails stuff. I go there for the Essie's mostly because it's $5.99 there. But I don't buy much OPI's there, usually I get them online but I haven't bought much OPI. Okay I think I'll go there next week haha. Do you know the name of the one on 18th ave and 76th street? I don't want to go there and be like walking around over and over haha.

  8. Um I think it was Vonita? Their Essie's are $5 :P Well according to their price sign it was lol.

  9. Mandy: Maybe I'll go tomorrow if they're open, since I'm going to be at my cousin's on 18th ave. :)