August 17, 2010

Rite Aid Mini Haul Again!

Another Rite Aid mini haul, but I'm really liking the drug store brands! They're cheap and they're good! This time, I was able to spend less than $10 at Rite Aid, the other few times recently, I've been buying Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. :P

Wet N Wild Dream Poppy
medium coral pink. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. Amazing and beautiful. Easy application and good formula. I'm definitely getting more Wet N Wild's! :)

Wet N Wild Red Red
it's a medium red. Cosmo Girl's Kiss of Approval Beauty Award Winner. It's a bit darker irl compared to the swatch pictures but my camera and I did the best we could to get close to it! The first swatch picture shows 1 coat and no top coat - very little sign of vnl. The second swatch picture shows 2 coats and no top coat - just to be sure of no sign of vnl. I love the formula and it was very easy to work with and apply. I can definitely see why it got the approval from Cosmo Girl. But isn't Cosmo Girl no longer creating any magazines? I used to subscribe to them and my subscription wasn't finished and they sent me something saying that they aren't producing any more so that the rest of my subscription would be moved over to Seventeen Magazine. Huh.

Brucci Kathy's Baby Blues
light baby blue creme. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. I love this color and it was VERY easy to apply. I'm really liking Brucci. And they restocked on Heidi's Glow in case anyone wanted to pick it up if you're near my neighborhood, but I picked one up for my 100 followers and belated 1 year blogaversary.

A reader said that Brucci isn't B3F. I looked at the ingredients and I only saw Formaldehyde which is found in nail hardeners. But I didn't see DBP or Toluene, so I'm not really sure but I checked MUA and someone said they aren't B3F either. But I emailed Brucci asking them to clarify for me, HOPEFULLY they'll get back to me and not ignore me. (update: One person responded to me and said she'll "transfer" me to their Brucci NY for a reply. Nothing yet though)

83 FOLLOWERS?! I'm really happy I've gotten this far because honestly, I didn't think many people would read my nail blog. :x I thought I'd be the only one rambling to myself lol! But with all your support, I continued to blog more and it's been more than a year and it's hitting almost 14 months since I've started. Share my blog if you'd like and hopefully when I hit 100 followers, everyone is welcomed to enter into my very first 100 followers + 1 year blogaversary giveaway! (which means I have to start buying the giveaway stuff :P)

hope you enjoyed


  1. Dreamy Poppy is a nice colour but I found application was a pain and it was chippy.

  2. Michelle: It wasn't that bad applying it for me. But I only swatched it so it was taken off like a few minutes after I got my pictures up. :x Maybe you got a bad bottle? But I'll probably do a manicure of this soon, so I'll let you know ;)

  3. I love Wetn'Wild and 99 cent polish. I have a dollar store that sells LANails for a buck and sometimes they get excellent colors in too. gotta luv them......Congrats on your followers and blog growth. :)

  4. LWFTT: I use to have a bottle or two but didn't they were really good but going back to them now, I like them a lot! I know of one too but then it's too far for me (no car either). Thanks! :)

  5. Kathy's Baby blue looks so pretty! Maybe it's just the lighting but it looks blue-minty green color :O

  6. WnW are great cause theyre cheap & yet they work so well! but i loooove that Brucci polish!

  7. I just bought some Wet&Wild nail polishes at Rite Aid this morning too. ^^ I got Sunny Side Up, Black Creme, and Night Prowl... I saw the Red Red and almost got that, but now I think I'll have to go back for it! Dream Poppy looks so pretty too! I wanted to buy a pink, but I already have a few so I didn't.... looks like I'll definitely have to make another trip soon! Thanks for the swatches! ^_____^

  8. the wnw probably just has an old label on it.
    & i think cosmo girl & seventeen were owned by like the same company, something like that. but they didn't have the money to keep cosmo girl running so it's only seventeen now. weird.

    - kathy ♥

  9. I need that Wet-n-Wild red and the Poppy.

  10. Mandy: maybe it is the lighting but it's more like a baby blue / sky color. :)

    Katrina: Yeah they do! I didn't think much of them since they were only $1. But I'm glad I went back to them. And I'm starting to love Brucci more! I found a beauty store that has more variety than my local Rite Aid. :)

    katie: I've always hesitated on pinks because I feel like I already have something similar to it in my collection. But do let me know if you swatch Night Prowl, I'd like to see that! You're welcome! :)

    Kathy: Oooh, nonetheless the color's really good! :) Hm, they probably were because it'd be weird if they weren't and they just send the rest of their money to another company's magazine.

    Ice Queen: I saw Red Red from another blogger and I was like O: that looks amazing! And because I don't own that many reds :)