August 1, 2010

Franken #2 ~ Gold Mine

Another franken! :) I couldn't resist after making my first franken. :) For this franken, I used:
  • half a bottle of Wet N Wild Clear
  • 1/4 of a bottle of Wet N Wild Black
  • some (again no measuring instrument) of Biker Chic fyrinnae
  • some of Gilded Wings fyrinnae
And here's the end product:

Gold Mine
black base with subtle blue and gold/bronze shimmer. It reminds me of the universe hehe. The swatch is 1 coat on the index and middle fingers and 2 coats on the ring and pinky fingers. It looks thicker and better with 2 coats but I wanted to compare because it looked full at 1 coat without flash. This swatch is taken with flash because it shows the shimmer more. You can't really see it that normally. The name comes from my boyfriend who I asked for suggestions on a name. I think it suits the polish well. :)

I hope you enjoyed,