August 9, 2010


Rite Aid has their sale again for most of the cosmetics for Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off! Totally awesome and I decided that I should pick up more Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures! :) Unfortunately, I'm still on a tight wallet right now so I only got 2. But no worries, I LOVE THEM and I hope you love them too!

Calypso Blue
an blue shimmer but it has an green iridescent shimmer. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. AMAZING! SERIOUSLY WHY DID I NOT GET YOU EARLIER?! I liked the bottle at the store but once I swatched it, I fell deeper in love, I swear!! Totally beautiful♥

Purple Pulse
a dark purple shimmer. The swatch is 3 coats and no top coat. On the second coat, I noticed that it didn't spread evenly to the tips, or maybe it's my eyesight! x: but I just wanted to be sure that it looks even. Beautiful! I don't have that many real purple, only lighter shades so this is a keeper! :) You could probably get off with 2 coats rather than me, 3 coats.

hope you enjoyed!


  1. KarenD: Thanks! I went back today to find the polish I put down because I didn't see any other nail polish to get 50% off of and it's gone! I'm so sad. I need to hit up another Rite Aid or something to find one! Hehe.

  2. Pretty colours.

    I clip and use coupons I find in my Sunday paper. I find Sally Hansen coupons on a fairly regular basis. And fifty cents or a buck off a bottle of polish helps.

    Occasionally, I find SH on sale at the grocery store where they double coupons and can score a polish for practically nothing. :D

  3. Ice Queen: Thanks and that's so cool! Sometimes it goes on sale at Rite Aid or Walgreens then it's over and it comes back again. :) Lucky you :P

  4. Calypso Blue is gorgeous! i gotta make a few stops at Rite Aid now! haha

  5. Katrina: Thanks! :) I've been going since there isn't any nail supply stores nearby.

  6. oh, just so you know, i tagged you in my recent post :)