August 2, 2010

Quick Mini Haul: Walgreens

I went to Walgreens to check if there were any sales or discounts on any nail polishes and found none. But I did pick up 5 bottles of Wet N Wild and 3 of them I've been eyeing and debating about for a while. I finally had the guts to pick them up, buy them so I could try them.

There are no swatches for the clear and the black since I used them only to franken with and everyone knows how it comes out.

Wet N Wild Tickled Pink
a very light baby pink. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. I'm not a BIG fan of Wet N Wild but this one made me have more faith in them. I really love the color as well as the formula. It wasn't too thick or too thin, and it was easy to apply. Not as easy as Essie, OPI and China Glaze but close to it. :)

Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up
a yellow orange creme. The swatch is 2 coats and no top coat. Easy to apply and it wasn't thick either. This is the first orange bottle of nail polish I have. And I don't think it's that bad and that oranges aren't that bad with my skintone.

Wet N Wild Blazed
a strawberry coral. The swatch is 3 coats and no top coat because the formula was a little thin. But it applied well and easy and it comes out really nice. :)

I hope you enjoyed,


  1. Ooh, nice colors. I love these Wild Shine polishes! I have their black creme and it is my absolute favorite, perfect in one coat.

  2. Tara: Thanks! :)♥
    Mari: Thank you! I've been eyeing them for a while but I wasn't sure if I'd like them, but I gave them a shot. I used their black creme, well come of it, for frankening. :)

  3. Ooh I"ve always wanted to get Blazed but I didn't know how it would turn out. Thanks!

  4. karebearr: Blazed came out really nice, better than what I expected. I'm glad this post helped you, and no problem :)