August 7, 2010


After doing my nails with Orly Country Club Khaki, the new addition to my collection, I was thinking about a design to go with it. I tried leopard but I've already done that and I couldn't replicate it with a regular brush; the last time I tried it that came out nice, I used a thin nail art brush. My friend happened to update her nail album on Facebook and I was inspired to create my own version of it. Here's her version:

And here's my version:

I didn't add stars though because my nails are kind of rounded so the ends of the stars would poke out and scratch me :(

Orly Country Club Khaki
Zoya Trixie
LA Colors Nail Art Silver Glitter
Cover Girl Boundless Color Disco Dazzle

I hope you enjoyed,


  1. That is really pretty. I may try something similar with different colours. I like the look of Country Club Khaki but that tone makes me look as if I have corpse fingers. lol

  2. i love Disco Dazzle! i dont know what i would do without it! haha that mani is so cute!

  3. Ice Queen: Thanks! :) I have weird hands and fingers though; the ends of my fingers are slightly pinker/redder than the rest of my fingers :( & my index fingernails grew crooked. But I still like them - even when I get lobster fingers from different nail polishes

    Katrina: I know! I'm so sad that they took out all Cover Girl nail polishes, I should've gotten another bottle of it for back up in the future! Thanks! :)

  4. Gorgeous! I love the effect you created!

  5. R3Beauty: Thanks so much! :) I'm happy you like it!

  6. This is beautiful! Thanks for following, I'm following back -=D

  7. Freshie: Thank you♥! And thanks for following =)