August 25, 2010

Cloud 9

Here's a picture of one of my nails that I did a few weeks back but I didn't get a chance to post. The base is Brucci's Kathy's Baby Blues (2 coats). I used OPI Alpine Snow to create the clouds on my ring finger (if they look like them!) and I topped it off with Essie's Matte About You. I wanted to make more clouds but whenever I tried to add more on my other fingers, they didn't come out right, so I just kept the clouds on my ring fingers. This picture was taken before I cut my nails into stubby nails. :P

hope you enjoyed,


  1. Gorgeous! I actually like the manicure with just the ring finger accent nail. I do that a lot with my manicures!

  2. That looks so cute! How did you create the clouds?

    I saw a pretty wide selection of Brucci's at a beauty supply store on 18th ave if you want to check it out. It's by 67th street? If I remember correctly I think they were ~$2.50-$3 ish. Not positive though :P

  3. April: Thanks! I tend to do that a lot also, but sometimes I decide that it's too empty and I do my thumb also.

    Mandy: Yeah I know where you're talking about. I was walking towards the bank before I go to Vonita and I saw that store (the day it was raining really hard). It's cheaper there than the Rite Aid near my house and there's more of a color selection. :)

    I just used a regular OPI white brush & to accentuate the clouds "puffiness" I used a thin nail art brush to make sure that it looks more rounded.