August 16, 2010

MM OR AA? Let's Compare!

Karen from Addicted to Nail Polish requested a comparison of Sephora by OPI's Midnight Mambo and OPI's Absolutely Alice. So here's my take on both of them next to each other. This is my first comparison that I've done and hopefully it'll be a good review for you nail polish lovers! :) (I actually wanted to post this earlier but got home too late after a day of movies and ROCK BAND!)
Left to right:
Index: Absolutely Alice
Middle: Midnight Mambo
Ring: Absolutely Alice
Pinky: Midnight Mambo
The first picture is a swatch of both polishes with only one coat of each and no top coat. You can tell already that Absolutely Alice is a clear base with darker blue glitter and gold glitter and Midnight Mambo has a lighter shade of blue base with silver glitters. Absolutely Alice's glitter are the same small size whereas Midnight Mambo has small glitters and bigger silver rounded glitters.

The picture above is a swatch picture of AA and MM with 2 coats and no top coat. AA is a darker 'royal' blue with gold glitters and again MM is a lighter 'sky' blue with silver glitters.

hope this helped & hope you enjoyed,


  1. thank you!! hahas...egghh this is a i want it..or can i be happy with my AA? xD

    I'll probably have to skip it though Xl

  2. Karen: You're welcome!♥ LOL well, you can always have both if you'd like ;) they are different

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  5. maRyya: Welcome and thank you! I'm really glad you like my blog. And most definitely I will follow yours! :) and I'll vote for you!

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